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This course has been created for software architects, programmers, software developers, project managers, analysts and anyone interested in understanding analysis and designing in UML.

The course shows how to analyse clients' needs, formalize them in UML diagrams, create a model and ultimately design the implementation of the software.

This is a general course covering all aspects of UML. Please browse our catalogue to see more specific courses.

This course uses the newest version of the standard (http://www.omg.org/spec/UML) and is taught by an OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP) trainer.

There are no specific tools for this course, each of the delegates can use their favourite tool. By default, Sparx Enterprise Architect is used.


Introduction to Modelling
  • Models and Modelling
  • Idea of meta-modelling
  • UML documentation
  • Inheritance
  • Analysis and Design
  • Actors and Use Cases
Class and Object Diagrams
  • Classes, objects, types of relations
Object and Class Relationships
  • Association, Aggregation, Composition
  • Inheritance
  • Dependency
  • Communication diagram
  • Interaction overview diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Timing diagrams
Activity Diagrams
State Diagrams
Component and Deployment
From Analysis to Implementation
Introduction to design patterns
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