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Combating Aggressive Supply Chain Management (PICOS)

Seminar by  The Quest Team
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Quest Team's dynamic one-day workshop is designed to provide companies with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in resisting commoditization of their products and maintaining profit margins.

The course content was developed following a multi-year examination of supply chain management programs. Quest Team researchers conducted confidential discussions with several supply chain management executives and identified offensive and defensive tools that can be effectively applied by suppliers to level the playing field.

During the workshop participants gain a thorough understanding of the typical supply chain management process in industry. They learn a comprehensive set of tools to take control of that process and the negotiation in a non-confrontational way. This enables proper planning for achieving sales and relationship objectives without significantly compromising profit margins.


No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 8
No. of Participants: 15
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For 42 years The Quest Team has provided high impact, semi-custom trainingprocesses for the development of sales, marketing and customer teams on 3 continents and with 800 corporations. 

  • QUEST TEAM MEMBERS are highly qualified. Each has had a successful career as a senior executive in a sales and marketing career path. All have in-depth experience in the areas in which they are consulting and/or training. This experience, combined with Quest's knowledge of learning and behavior change, provides you with quality solutions and defined payoffs at a highly favorable cost/performance ratio.

  • QUEST TEAM KNOWS YOU.  We have worked extensively with management, sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams in some 23 industries. Our broad experience means innovative, timely solutions that are "real world" to your people.

  • QUEST TEAM APPROACHES are uniquely tuned to your organization. We listen to you and then design a semi-custom solution for the challenges you face. When seeking sales or marketing consultation we can rapidly bring to bear more than 200 person years of in-depth experience. When seeking training and development, we have numerous modules and hundreds at our disposal to design a process that is a precise fit for your organization. ...

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