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There are two big HR problems in the world today: turnover and engagement. Turnover costs time, money, and effort to deal with lost employees. Engagement problems can also cost time, money, and effort in lost goodwill with customers and with growing turnover among workers. This webinar will review common issues in engagement and then will move beyond that to describe "next-generation employee engagement."


Engaged employees are more productive, less likely to have accidents, less likely to be tardy or absent, and most likely to demonstrate peak productivity and job performance.
Actively disengaged employees can sabotage their employers from within and destroy the organization’s brand name and employment brand. Hear how damaging disengaged employees can be in this webinar and hear what should be done to engage employees in this webinar actively.

  • Defining employee engagement
  • Explaining why employee engagement is important
  • Providing facts and figures about employee engagement
  • Reviewing models that describe employee engagement and how to improve it
  • Summarizing new thinking on employee engagement and how to implement new action strategies to improve employee engagement
  • Operating/line Managers and Supervisors
  • HR Managers and Practitioners
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