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In this seminar, you will learn how to:

Write highly readable letters, memos, e-mails, and reports at work and home
* Overcome writer’s block with flexible techniques for different projects
* F
ind the key information you need quickly & accurately when researching
Create effective writing plans to keep you focused and on schedule
Write e-mails that immediately get the attention of your readers
Use the proper writing tone so your readers interpret your message correctly
Develop correspondence to motivate readers to act on your message quickly
Learn the grammar and punctuation rules that are relevant to business
Use punctuation to focus readers on information important to you (and them)
Recognize & correct grammar errors that can hurt your credibility as a writer

PUBLIC SEMINAR SCHEDULE: www.targetlearning.net/public-seminars.html

This program can also be offered on-site for organizations and groups.

Group Rate: $2,500 (maximum 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195 (minimum 5 participants)

These rates include the following:

* A 1-day interactive training class customized to your specifications
* Delivery of the class at a location and time of your choosing
* A workbook for each participant containing all the memory strategies
* Worksheets to apply the strategies using their personal thinking style
* Six months of access to your instructor after the training class


A Business Writing Program


Learning Style Indicator
An assessment tool to identify how your readers prefer to receive their information.

Thinking Style Indicator
An assessment tool to identify how your readers prefer to process their information (i.e. details or broad concepts).

Writing Skill Indicator
An assessment to identify your current writing strengths & weaknesses.


The Basic Elements
You will learn the 4 basic building blocks necessary for effective and comprehensive business writing.

Creating a Writing Plan
You will learn how to develop a writing plan to ensure the correct message is communicated to the correct people.

Breaking Writer’s Block
You will learn 3 fast and flexible strategies for overcoming writer’s block – even when under pressure.


Call to Action!
You will learn how to write “action statements” to ensure the purpose of your message is understood and acted on according to listed deadlines.

Active & Passive Voice
You will learn how to write clear sentences using the Active Voice – and learn how each “voice” can create different reactions from your readers.
Style & Tone
You will learn how to adapt your writing style & tone to appeal to different readers.
Cross-Over Communication
You will learn how to appeal to readers whom have a different thinking style than your own.

E-Mail Necessities
You will learn how to write short and clear e-mails – and how to avoid the most common (and damaging) e-mail mistakes made by writers.


Sentence Structure
You will learn how to create concise and highly readable sentences and avoid common structural errors that can cause readers to misinterpret your intended message.

Common Writing Errors
You will learn how to recognize and correct common errors that can affect your writing style, tone, and content. 

Visual Appeal
You will learn how to format your writing to get (and keep) your readers’ attention and make it easy for them to respond quickly and accurately.


In the Strategies Workbook, you will have worksheets to help overcome writer’s block, collect and organize your information, and ensure you provide the necessary information to your readers.


Stephen Gexler is the owner of Target Learning and the Lead Instructor for all its programs. He earned a master's degree in Adult Education with an Instructional Design emphasis, along with a Graduate Certificate in Training Systems Development. Stephen has successfully taught seminars or training programs at the following organizations:

Schools & Colleges 

Williams College, Bowdoin College, Wesleyan University, Yale University, The Citadel, Hartwick College, Bridgewater College, Susquehanna University, Foothill-De Anza College, Connecticut College, Stephens College, Choate-Rosemary Hall School | Heathwood-Hall Preparatory School, San Diego Community College District 

Business Organizations

Citicorp, BF Goodrich Aerospace, MoneyTree, Inc., Verizon Communications, GMAC Financial, BSMG Worldwide, Stallion Oil Fields, Syngenta Seeds, Inc.,, Padgett-Thompson, SureWest Communications, Genentech,  Casino Arizona, Eagle Mountain Casino, Roebbelen Contracting Keppel AmFELS, Broadcast Supply Worldwide, Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Shulman & Rapkin, LLC,  Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (a Yum! Brands Co-Op), DP Wolff, Inc., GroupM, Inc.

Government & Non-Profit Organizations

U.S. Government Printing Office, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center, ICMA Retirement Corporation, CalTech - Jet Propulsion Lab, American Hospital Administration Professionals, U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Oasis, Impact Ministries, Association of South Carolina Oncology Managers, Matador Community Credit Union, Bishop Paiute Tribe

Subjects Taught  

Leadership & Management Skills, Creative Thinking. Critical Thinking, Team-Building, Dealing with Difficult Employees, Interviewing Skills, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Business Writing, Business Grammar, Speed Reading, Memory Improvement, Creating a Positive Work Environment, Technical Writing, Writing Policies & Procedures, Managing Projects & Priorities, Accelerated Learning, Copywriting, Listening Skills, Study Skills, Train the Trainer

Overall, Stephen has more than 30 years of professional experience in business and educational environments.  His previous positions include:

Director of Continuing Education - Northern State University
Director of Workforce Training & Community Ed. - Cerro Coso College
Campus Director - Fisher College
District Manager - Select Comfort Corporation
Center Director - American Learning Corporation
Project Supervisor - Intel Corporation

For comments about Stephen's instructional style and effectiveness go to:


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If you complete any Target Learning Webinar or Seminar, you are eligible to receive 50% off any of our other webinars and seminars. 

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