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Legal Transcription - Module 1: Introduction to the Legal Transcription Profession

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The Legal Transcription Course is a self-paced, online course providing students with general legal knowledge and practical skills vital to becoming proficient legal transcriptionists. Individuals are prepared for working in a law firm or legal office, a service providing legal transcription, or as a freelance legal transcriptionist from their own home office. Areas covered will include an introduction to law in the United States and the court systems. Students will also learn legal terminology, specifically as it relates to a legal specialty. As well, major legal specialties will be discussed including criminal law, family law, and contracts to name a few.

Further, students will transcribe approximately 20 hours of business and law documents to build their skills in formatting of documents. They will be provided with all materials necessary to complete this including voice files on USB flash drive, an Infinity foot pedal, and a headset.

This course will provide a solid foundation for the successful future legal transcriptionist.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

Define terminology for various law specialties including:

  • Bankruptcy law.

  • Business, contract, and corporate law.

  • Criminal law.

  • Family law.

  • Laws governing estate planning, estates (Probate), and guardianship.

  • Real estate law.

  • Torts and tortfeasors.
 Quiz Information

You will be required to acheive a 70% or higher. After successful completion of each quiz, you will be able to review the quiz questions and your answers. You will be allowed 5 attempts at each quiz.


You will be required to acheive a 70% or higher. You will be allowed 5 attempts to complete the final.

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