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Project Management Advanced Course

Short Course by  Data Analysis & Results
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On-Site / Short Course


Overview: This 5-day course is an immersive BootCamp overview of project management geared to both increase your skills with world-class Best Practices, and prepare you for project management credential exams. Provides practice with tools, techniques, skills, and experiences you can immediately apply to your projects and programs.
Who Should Attend: This program is designed for experienced professionals eager to broaden their knowledge base and quickly develop leadership skills to implement the learned Best Practices promptly.
  • Those interested in PMP® or CAPM® Certification
  • Project Managers, Project Leads, Project Coordinators, Project Assistants
  • Technical & other Subject Matter Experts
  • Program Managers, Portfolio Managers
  • Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Staff Analysts
  • External and Internal Consultants
  • Risk Managers, Operations Risk Professionals
  • Not those with current PMP® as this course has high PMP® Prep content
  • Those who wish to quickly improve their personal & organization project processes
  • Operations Managers, Line Managers, Executives, Senior Staff, Directors, VPs
  • Leaders at all levels
  • Team Members, Team Leads
  • Those who manage Project Managers, Program Managers, or Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Those with internal or external Customer contact
  • Process Improvement, Compliance, Audit, and Staff, Thought Leaders, Transformation & Change Champions, Change Managers
2 years of professional experience in commercial, government, or nonprofit organizations or our Project Management Foundation course or similar.


Course Outline:
  • The Project Management Framework and how to tailor an efficient Project Life Cycle
  • Develop a Project Charter and how to use your Charter throughout your project
  • Develop a Project Plan and setting Stakeholder expectations
  • Create Scope Definition, Validation, and Change Control
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure to quickly develop your Schedule
  • Tailor and Document Communication depending on your project goals, stakeholders, and team
  • Use unique Risk best practices to do Risk Analysis and reduce risk cost effectively
  • Use Quality to improve your projects where it makes sense
  • Execute, Monitor, and Control your project through planning for variances and responses.


Courses & Instructors: Courses are delivered in Austin, at your site world-wide, or virtually by Data Analysis & Results, Inc. (DA&R) experienced professionals with 20+ years of experience in many industries. May include multiple and virtual live instructors for maximum networking, experience, and points of view. Agile & Integrated (A&I) courses are written by DA&R consultants ensuring attendees a wealth of best practices and real-world experience.

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10% discount for government employess, Non-Profit Employees, and Alumni.
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Consultants using their "Agile & Integrated" Approach to Project Management, Business Analysis, Project and Organization Turnarounds, PMO formation, Data Analysis, and other process improvement efforts. Custom and off the shelf courses, on-site or off-site, geared to help your staff perform better on specific deliverables. Actionable, Real-World Best Practices.

Our Passions and Experience are in Three Areas:

1.) Project (or Program) Management Consulting of any size project or operations area, favorites include critical project start-up, process improvement, and troubled project recovery. 

Clients call when they want both project management and a lot of process improvement in their processes in a short time. They also call when they are overloaded and need an experienced professional or a small team to concentrate on a particular project. 

2.) Training in PM, Business Analysis, and Leadership around the skills needed to achieve best practices in their processes and operations. 

Clients call when they don’t know exactly what they want or how to achieve their goals, but they feel process improvement will help. We help them crystallize their goals and the types of change they are ready for, customize training (or they attend open enrollment), and do their follow-through so they get lasting results. ...
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