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FDA Requirements for Food Defense Planning and Implementation

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The seminar also will involve a detailed discussion of an acceptable Food Safety Plan to be developed by the companies which are covered by the Rule. Another element of the seminar will be the requirements for implementation of the Food Safety Plan, such as monitoring of compliance with the Plan, actions in response to issues found during monitoring, mitigation in the event of safety problems, training and recordkeeping. We also will discuss the resources to support industry compliance currently available or under development by FDA.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course participants should:

  • Understand the background and basic food defense requirements of FSMA and the Food Defense Rule
  • Know which companies are and are not covered by the Food Defense Rule
  • Recognize the applicability of exemptions from coverage based on the size of a company and the type of food product
  • Identify the deadlines for compliance with the Rule applicable to their business
  • Understand the elements of an acceptable Food Safety Plan
  • Understand the actions which must be taken to implement the Plan
  • Be informed on the recordkeeping requirements of the Food Defense Rule
  • Recognize the FDA resources which have been established to help industry comply with the Rule
  • Understand the consequences of non-compliance

Who will Benefit:
  • Plant owners or operators (domestic and foreign)
  • Personnel tasked with compliance with the Food Defense Rule
  • Regulatory compliance personnel
  • Plant security personnel


Ralph Simmons
Chairman and President, Ralph A. Simmons LLC

Ralph A. Simmons has over 35 years of experience in FDA regulation of food, and related products such as direct food additives, and food-contact substances. This experience has included the representation of companies with FDA-regulated products and experience as a senior policy advisor within FDA. The experience in FDA included work on regulations to implement FSMA.

Mr. Simmons has extensive experience in working with FDA on FSMA regulations and regulations in related areas, such as direct food additives and food-contact substances. This experience has included representing industry in negotiations with FDA, which avoided having food-contact material suppliers being registered under FDA’s program of registration of food facilities, located domestically and internationally.

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