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he RESCURE DIVER CERTIFICATION COURSE improves a diver's skills and experience by teaching a diver to deal with all different types of stress that can lead to a panicked diver situation, unconscious divers and out of air emergencies associated with diving.  It also teaches CPR, First Aid, and AED.
Diving accidents may occur because a diver is not properly trained, does not have the right equipment or does not know how to deal with stress. A diver may not know how to perform a self-rescue or how to rescue a buddy when diving. With ALOHA DIVE's 40 year’s experience in diving, we train divers to be some of the best rescue divers in the sport of scuba. 
When you complete ALOHA DIVE's Rescue Certification Course, you will receive more knowledge, skills, experience, and training to become a more comfortable diver. You will be able to recognize the possibilities of a stressful diver or a diver that may have equipment problems. With this training you may be able to solve certain problems that may occur before a diver has a problem and may need to be rescued. 
Advanced Certified from a recognized certification agency is required to complete the course. 
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ALOHA DIVE is a independent FULL service Scuba Diving facility in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. It's Director of Training, Mr. Chris Russello, is a WORLDWIDE INSTRUCTOR-TRAINER. He as been a certified diver since 1972 and has over 8000 dives.

ALOHA DIVE provides the best and finest SCUBA DIVING certification training. We at ALOHA DIVE exceed all professional industry standards.

Our Mission at ALOHA DIVE "To provide superior knowledge and training allowing everyone who enters the underwater world to have a fun, exciting and a safe diving experience. Comfort + Safety=Enjoyment"

7620 Tampa Ave, Reseda, Los Angeles , California, USA 91335
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