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This one- day class is a great insight into how famous looks and styles are created. It is a general class and it is grading system independent. You will learn how to create the traditional “Looks” but will also learn how to use these techniques to develop your own looks. We will look into famous movies and commercials and emulate their looks. Also we will discuss current trends and look styles. Students are encouraged to bring their own material.

What will be covered:

  • How to approach a session, when to push the grade and when to hold back
  • Create established looks and explore how to make new ones
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Duotones
  • Hipster looks
  • Nordic Flat
  • Film Stock Emulation
  • Retro feel
  • Flash Back
  • Cross Process
  • Natural Colour vs Colour Washes vs Tints
  • Day for Night
  • Schindlers… Colour isolation
  • Classic Black and White using the Key Mixer
  • Orange and Teal
  • Huge grad
  • Spot Colour

The course will be ICA certified with all students getting a certificate.  

NEW DATES!  December 17, 2016 (Saturday)

August 19, 2017 (Saturday)

Course Cost: $595  

To register please visit: mewshop.com/registration


Dado is one of the leading developers in the area of colour science for digital film cameras known by his unique approach to processing of digital images and his film stock emulation technology.

Dado Valentic has worked on over 30 feature films and numerous commercials.His latest work was creating a colour science for Netflix HDR production of ‘Marco Polo -Season II’. As colour scientist he was involved on Exodus by Riddle Scott, Game of Thrones, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Mr Nice’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ by Guy Richie. Dado’s recent colourist credits include : Absolutely Anything’ directed by Terry Jones and starring Simon Pegg, ‘A Hundred Streets’ starring Idris Elba, ‘Dough’ starring Jonathan Pryce and ‘Blackwood’ by Adam Wimpenny.

Dado is the founder of Mytherapy, a creative studio for digital colour correction and motion picture retouching. Mytherapy is based at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea offering High End Motion Picture Post Production Services and Dolby Vision Mastering Services.

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