What do you want to learn today?


Let GLI help you to reach your professional objectives and gain the confidence you need for success!

For over 25 years, GLI’s Executive English Program has provided practical solutions to your professional needs.

Fully customized

Not a seminar…not a tutorial…a 100% customized training program. You tell us your specific language needs in your current or future position, and GLI will develop a completely individualized program for you. No two programs are ever the same. And all courses are one-to-one, ensuring that no time is wasted.

At GLI, each course is custom-designed to meet each participant’s specific professional needs in any field – marketing, human resources, corporate law, finance, engineering, research – and in any industry, including biotechnology, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, banking, and others.


The intensive 30-hour US-based program allows you to be fully immersed in the language and culture, enabling you to focus exclusively on increasing your effectiveness in English.


Begin the program at any time and stay as many weeks as you need.      

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