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SAP FICO Training (Advance) will help develop the SAP skills and knowledge needed to compete in the current SAP employment market and adapt to future changes.

Pre-requisites of SAP FICO Advance Training: To study advance topics it is imperative to have a solid foundation. We recommend that students take the Basic SAP FICO training first. That much said we recognize that there are a lot of people who have acquired more or less the same knowledge via work experience. We will accept professionals in our Advance SAP FICO course if they pass the exam. 
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LearnSAP has made a significant investment in developing specific methodologies and tools that enable you to be more productive and better leverage our collective expertise. Using our training methodology and our business process understanding, our focus is on "knowledge-transfer". This ensures you  are trained on the system and will eventually become self-sufficient in using SAP software. Our approach is proven and ensures your SAP training on time and within budget.

One of our new methodologies for training is Webinar, i.e. training through the web. This has become highly popular in situations where groups of people at different locations have to be trained simultaneously. LearnSAP strives to help develop the SAP skills and knowledge needed to compete in the current employment market and adapt to future changes. Our wide range of services include supervised training by qualified and experienced instructors. The course material is custom prepared to match our curriculum and the step-by-step approach helps practice the skills taught in class.
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