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Do you ever feel anxious when you conduct business with Chinese speakers and are clueless about what they are talking about?

Do you ever feel a little less powerful when you negotiate with Chinese, even though you are a phenomenal negotiator in English?

Do you ever feel it is inconvenient to bring translators to do business, especially at times the translation is not what you mean, and that can cause irreversible loss?

Time to strengthen and empower yourself by mastering Business Chinese!

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MCL Academy (Masters of Chinese Language) to help students in Los Angeles, California become Chinese language masters. The headquarters of MCL Academy is located in Los Angeles, CA. We have several branches in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We provide group/1-on-1 Chinese classes, corporate trainingsand Chinese-English translation at our school sites and your corporations.

MCL Academy
3727 W 6th Street, Suite 603, Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles , California, USA 90020
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