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If you tend to want a more personalized class with more Interaction & Practice with your MCL instructors, or if want to have a more Flexible Class Schedule, since you have tons of work to cope with, or you have a business trip tomorrow, then MCL one-on-one Chinese courses are designed for you!

Conversational Chinese

You will be learning phonological techniques, the important topics (Daily life, business, travel etc) and themes entailing the most authentic and high-frequency words, phrases, sentence patterns, grammatical points, techniques of speaking, reading and writing in Chinese, Chinese culture and so forth.


If you cram for HSK/AP/SAT Chinese or other exam-based exams, this program is for you. This program is exam-oriented.


In MCL writing classes, you will acquire knowledge regarding Chinese characters. Specifically, you will gain the abilities to read, write, recognize and type Chinese characters. You will learn how Chinese characters formulate, meanings of the common Chinese radicals, highly-frequently used Chinese expressions, methods to memorize Chinese characters, how to type Chinese words via phone and computer and more. Masters of Chinese Language Academy in Los Angeles is here to help you with your Chinese writing!


Chinese language is a tonal language. Tones and enunciation are playing crucial roles in successful communication without misunderstandings. In the course of Pronunciation, you will learn Pinyin (the Chinese phonetic system) systematically, how to enunciate each consonant and vowel correctly, basic 4 tones, intonation, comparison between Chinese and English in terms of pronunciation (similarities & distinctions), useful expressions and forth to help you practice your pronunciation.

It is time to master the Chinese pronunciation to communicate better with your Chinese clients,  coworkers and friends and to appreciate this beautiful language!

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MCL Academy (Masters of Chinese Language) to help students in Los Angeles, California become Chinese language masters. The headquarters of MCL Academy is located in Los Angeles, CA. We have several branches in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We provide group/1-on-1 Chinese classes, corporate trainingsand Chinese-English translation at our school sites and your corporations.

MCL Academy
3727 W 6th Street, Suite 603, Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles , California, USA 90020
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