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This course is designed to help the pilot obtain proficiency in single-engine IFR procedures and emergencies. Includes IFR Recent experience 61.57(c).

Course Objectives:

Upon the completion of this course, the pilot will have the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate that he/she meets the requirements of FAR 61.56(e) for the Flight Review, 61.57(c)(i-iii) for recent Flight Experience – Instrument will be met. The student will review multi-engine aircraft systems, the use of the systems, controls, normal and abnormal procedures for the aircraft.


Day One Morning
2 Hours Classroom:
SOP’s (use of checklist and altitude calls)
CFIT (low visibilty approach hazards)
2 hours Simulator:
Familiarization, maneuvers, turns, climbs, descents, power & configurations, VOR tracking, VOR approach

Day One Afternoon
2 Hours Classroom:
ATC and Emergencies (what can ATC do?)
Thunderstorm Avoidance (methods to avoid convective weather)
2 Hours Simulator:
IFR Procedures, ILS, VOR, GPS approaches, and holding.

Day Two Morning
2 hrs Classroom:
Instrument approach charts
Aircraft icing
2 hrs Simulator:
LOFT IFR Flight, abnormal procedures, system failures

Day Two Afternoon
2 Hours Classroom:
FAR Part 61
FAR Part 91
2 Hours Simulator:
LOFT IFR Flight, abnormal procedures

Total time 2 days, 8rs Simulator 8 hours classroom.

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