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Core Java 7 Essentials for OO Developers | Fast Track to Java 7

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Core Java 7 Essentials for Object Oriented (OO) Developers | Fast Track to Java 7 Programming  is a three-day, fast-paced, quick start to Java 7 training course geared for developers who have prior working knowledge of object-oriented programming languages such as C++.  Throughout the course students learn the best practices for writing great object-oriented programs in Java 7 using sound development techniques, new improved features for better performance, and new capabilities for addressing rapid application development.

All Trivera Java courses include our separate, unique Java & OO Development Case Study, a documented, task-driven project that covers the entire application development spectrum from use cases to object-oriented design to implemented classes.  This project supplements the course, and can be used during and after the course as a reference and a tool for reviewing and practicing newly learned skills.

What You'll Learn: Course Objectives
Students who attend Core Java 7 Essentials for OO Developers will leave this course armed with the required skills to develop solid object-oriented applications written in Java, using sound coding techniques and best coding practices. 


Working within in an engaging, hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will learn to:

 Understand not only the fundamentals of the Java language, but also it’s importance, uses, strengths and weaknesses

 Understand the basics of the Java language and how it relates to OO programming and the Object Model

•  Work with the Java Virtual Machine and understand what functions it performs in running Java applications

 Learn to use Java multi-threading and exception handling features

•  Understand and use classes, inheritance and polymorphism

 Work with various simple and complex data constructs as well as fields and methods

•  Understand and use collections and generics

 Take advantage of the Java tooling that is available with the programming environment being used in the class


Specific Java 7 features that are covered in the course include:

•  Automatic closure of resources

•  Handling multiple exceptions in a single catch block

•  The diamond operator


Experiential Learning: Hands-on Labs

This course is about 50% hands-on lab and 50% lecture, with extensive programming exercises designed to reinforce fundamental skills and concepts learned in the lessons.  Our courses include ample materials and labs to ensure all students are either appropriately challenged, or assisted, at all times – no matter their skill level.


Throughout the course students will be led through a series of progressively advanced topics, where each topic consists of lecture, group discussion, comprehensive hands-on lab exercises, and lab review. This course is “skills-centric”, designed to train attendees in essential object oriented, Java development skills, coupling the most current, effective techniques with the soundest coding practices.

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