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This 24 hour course is designed specifically for training sworn Law Enforcement officers, detectives, and supervisors that will be conducting covert operations involving the use of Confidential Informants. The students will learn how to cultivate, document, utilize, and manage the Confidential Informant during their use in covert and/or undercover criminal investigations. The class will focus on Florida State Statute 915.28, also known as “Rachel’s Law”, and the legal requirements that are placed on the law enforcement agency in order to comply with the Confidential Informant Statute. After completion of the course the student will have the tools necessary to properly deal with CI Usage. The last day will be workshop involving the practical applications of the lessons learned in the classroom.  Taught by municipal law enforcement detectives as well as retired DEA Agents.  

Course Location / Fees: Pending Location/ $250.00

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Founded by practitioners in law enforcement, Centerfire Training & Consulting is a South Florida based company offering training via custom designed courses in firearms, law enforcement, and security as well as private investigations, security services. Combined, just our in-house instructors have over 106 years of municipal and federal tactical, investigative, and supervisory law enforcement experience.

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