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Acrobat DC | Level 1 teaches you how to add text, graphics, animations, video, and sound into PDF Documents. Create buttons, form fields, and interactive documents, create digital signatures, password protected documents & more in this 2 day class!

Acrobat CC: Level 1 is for anyone creating and editing forms and PDF (Portable Document Format) documents could benefit from this informative hands-on training.

This course is a beginner level class for those new to Adobe Acrobat. Also recommended by Adobe for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) status.


  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac


Introducing Adobe Acrobat
  • About Acrobat components
  • Using Acrobat tools
  • Using Acrobat palettes
  • About on-screen display
  • Navigating a document
Creating PDFs from Authoring Applications
  • PDFWriter vs. Acrobat Distiller: how to
  • Creating a PDF with PDFWriter
  • Creating a PDF with Acrobat Distiller
  • Creating multiple PDFs
  • Viewing and comparing PDFs
Creating Navigational Structures
  • Using bookmarks
  • Using thumbnails
  • Creating a cross-document link
  • Replacing a page
  • Using articles
  • Linking to a web address
  • Changing the opening display of a PDF
Modifying & Repurposing PDF Documents
  • Editing pages
  • Cropping pages
  • Replacing, inserting, and deleting pages
  • Rearranging pages in a PDF
  • Editing text and images
  • Adding headers & footers
  • Reusing PDF content: text, tables & images Paper capture
  • Snapshots & Watermarks
Using Acrobat in a Document Review Cycle
  • Working with annotation tools
  • Adding stamps
  • Using graphic markup tools
  • Summarizing annotations
  • Importing/exporting annotations
  • Setting file security
  • Setting up User Profiles
  • Creating & using digital signatures
Creating Forms
  • Filling out forms
  • Adding form fields
  • Checkboxes, radio buttons, pop-up fields
  • Form field calculations
  • Creating a Reset button
  • Submitting forms over the Web
  • Using and adding buttons
  • Using the Show/Hide Field actions
  • Using custom calculation scripts
  • Adding Buttons
Creating PDFs from the Web
  • Establishing appropriate settings
  • Converting a Web page to PDF
Customizing PDF Output Quality & Automation
  • About compression and resampling
  • Default compression settings
  • Custom compression settings
  • Batch actions
  • Building indexes & searching
Multimedia & Presentation PDFs
  • Using page actions
  • Using movies in PDF files
  • Using sounds in a document
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