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FrameMaker | Level 1 delivers an enterprise-class authoring and publishing solution that combines the simplicity of word processing with the power of XML. Learn to take advantage of either a familiar word processing, style-tagging mode or a fully structured environment optimized for the editing and production of valid XML.

Our instructors will teach you take advantage of FrameMaker’s rich features such as long-document support, including book management features, sophisticated templates, and rich formatting options.

This Framemaker course introduces the program as a word processing application with muscle. Create flowing text documents using reusable master pages, paragraph, table and character styles. Export pristine PDF documents that are ready for print.

FrameMaker : Level 1 is for students looking to author and publish long technical documents with features that make complicated layouts and page numbering simple

This course is a beginner level class for those new to Adobe FrameMaker. Also recommended by Adobe for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) status.


  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac


Working with Framemaker documents

  • Exploring the document window
  • Applying predefined paragraph
  • Applying predefined character
  • Writing a short memo
Defining Paragraph Formats

  • Creating a custom document
  • Copying text
  • Setting up rulers and the grid
  • Creating a side-head area
  • Displaying the Paragraph Designer
  • Formatting headings
  • Formatting body text
  • Formatting numbered lists
  • Formatting bulleted lists
  • Creating a chapter title
  • Deleting formats
Defining Colors and Character Formats

  • Defining custom colors and tints
  • Adding color to paragraph formats
  • Adding color to autonumbers
  • Emphasizing words and phrases
Page Layout

  • Changing column layout
  • Displaying master pages
  • Numbering pages
  • Creating a running footer
  • Finishing the footers
  • Custom master pages
  • Create a new paragraph format

  • Adjusting header and footer frames for graphics
  • Importing a graphic
  • Masking part of a graphic
  • Copying the graphics
  • Drawing lines and rectangles
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Copying the graphics
Document Editing

  • Viewing the document
  • Turning off the display of graphics
  • Defining a user variable
  • Insetting variables
  • Finding and changing text
  • Changing a variable definition
  • Using the thesaurus
  • Checking spelling

  • Inserting a table
  • Filling in the table
  • Adding rows and columns
  • Rearranging information
  • Formatting text in table cells
  • Resizing columns
  • Changing the table format
  • Straddling table cells
  • Reusing a table format
Customizing Tables

  • Viewing a sample table
  • Importing text into a table
  • Formatting body cells
  • Formatting the table title
  • Setting basic table properties
  • Resizing columns
  • Using tabs in table cells
  • Defining ruling styles
  • Setting table ruling
  • Using custom ruling and shading
Anchored Frames and Graphics

  • Editing text containing anchored frames
  • Importing a graphic
  • Importing a second graphic
  • Anchoring graphics in the column
  • Using art in the margin
  • Copying anchored frames
  • Using inline graphics
  • Reusing anchored frames
  • Using run-in art
  • Creating a drop cap
  • Importing movies into documents
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