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Illustrator CC| Level 1 teaches you this sophisticated vector graphics program capable of creating complex and attractive illustrations and type effects. Learn how to create logos, business cards, advertisements and illustrations. You'll start by drawing and manipulating simple shapes to artwork and vector shapes. You'll combine text and graphics & create cool art!


Adobe Illustrator | Level 1 is a beginner class intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals, marketing communications professionals, or people switching fields or taking on design responsibilities and want to use Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic documents.


  • Basic Computer Skills & File Management on Windows or Mac


New Features
  • Perspective drawing
  • Beautiful strokes
  • Bristle Brush
  • Crisp graphics for web and mobile devices
  • Multiple Artboards enhancements
  • Shape Builder tool
  • Drawing enhancements

Getting to Know the Work Area
    • Viewing Artwork
    • Using the Illustrator Tools
    • Working with Panels
    • Using Panel Menus
    • In-Panel Appearance Editing
    • Changing the View of Artwork
    • Using the View Commands
    • Using the Navigator Panel
    • New Multiple Artboards Feature
    • New On-Object Controls
    • Using the Illustrator Help

Selecting and Aligning
  • Using the Selection Tool
  • Using the Direct Selection Tool
  • Selections with the Magic Wand
  • Grouping Items
  • Aligning Objects
  • Applying Selection Techniques


Creating Basic Shapes
  • Using Basic Shape Tools
  • Using Live Trace to Create Shapes
  • Drawing Polygons, Spirals, and Stars
  • The New Blob Brush Tool

Transforming Objects
  • Scaling Objects
  • Reflecting Objects
  • Distorting Objects
  • Shearing Objects
  • Positioning Objects Precisely
  • Changing the Perspective
  • Making Multiple Transformations


Drawing with the Pen Tool
  • Creating Straight Lines
  • Creating Curved Paths
  • Building a Curve
  • Curves and Corner Anchor Points
  • Selecting and Manipulating Curves

Color and Painting
  • Color Mode
  • Understanding the Color Controls
  • Color Fundamentals
  • Copying Attributes
  • Using the Appearance Panel
  • Building and Saving Your Own Custom Color
  • Using Illustrator swatch libraries
  • Creating a Spot Color
  • Creating Color Groups
  • Editing Color with Live Color
  • Creating a Color Group with Live Color
  • Assign Colors to Your Artwork
  • Using Patterns
  • Creating Your Own Pattern
  • Applying Live Paint
  • Create a PDF from your artwork

Working with Type
  • Importing a Text File
  • Creating Columns of Text
  • Understanding Text Flow
  • Working with Overflow Text
  • Threading Text
  • Working with Font Size and Color
  • Paragraph Attributes
  • Saving and Using Styles
  • Creating Character Styles
  • Sampling Text
  • Creating Text on Paths and Shapes
  • Creating Text Outlines

Working with Layers
  • Creating Layers
  • Moving Objects and Layers
  • Locking Layers
  • Viewing Layers
  • Pasting Layers
  • Creating Clipping Masks
  • Merging Layers
  • Applying Appearance Attributes to Layers

Blending Shapes and Colors
  • Creating a Gradient Fill
  • Adjusting the Direction of a Gradient
  • Adding Colors to a Gradient
  • Creating Smooth-Color Blends
  • Modifying the Blend
  • Combining Blends with Gradients
  • New Gradient Options
  • Gradient Angle, Position
  • Gradient Elliptical Dimensions.

Working with Symbols
  • Using Illustrator Symbol Libraries
  • Editing Symbols
  • Creating Symbols
  • Applying a Symbol Instance
  • Using the Symbolism Tools
  • Updating a Symbol
  • Breaking a Link to a Symbol
  • Mapping a Symbol to 3D Artwork

New Enhanced Graphics Styles
  • Combine Styles for Unique Effects
  • Styles for Increased Efficiency
  • New Thumbnail Previews
  • Exploring the Library of Pre-built Styles.

Overview of Printing and Color Seperations
  • Learning about Printing Devices
  • Halftone Screens
  • Output Device Resolution
  • The RGB Color Model
  • The CMYK Color Model
  • Spot Colors
  • Synchronizing Color Using Adobe Bridge
  • Separations Preview
  • Specifying the Bleed Area
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