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Estimate and Manage Truckload Pricing in 2018

Online Webinar by  Online Compliance Panel
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The current environment in trucking is beginning to change, and freight volume has begun to increasingly impact capacity utilization. With the continued increase in new regulations and the desire to capture as much revenue as possible, accessorial pricing is on the rise. Going forward, there will be increases in the general rates at both the spot and contract segments. Recent natural disasters coupled with the implementation of the ELD mandate, along with continued shortages of long haul drivers is impacting capacity and subsequently, could put an upward pressure on pricing.

Objectives of the Presentation
In this program, you will learn:
  • The pressure in the market to move to the spot segment
  • The impact of driver shortage on asset utilization
  • How the intermodal market is impacting the Truckload Pricing
  • The move to "control towers" for lane pricing and the impact on the contract segment
  • The suppressed prices will not continue in 2017


Areas Covered
  • An overview of the Economy that will impact pricing
  • Economic, regulatory and technology factors impacting LT pricing
  • Pricing Trends
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