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Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production

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Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production

The Recording Connection’s fully-immersive, hands-on Audio Engineering program puts you inside a real recording studio and side-by-side with the studio’s audio engineer for private, one-on-one in-person tutoring sessions plus remote tutoring from an established music creator.  Students are expected to put in 10-40 hours per week depending on their schedule.

This program is open enrollment (start whenever you want) and is designed to last six months.

With over 200 locations, this program is available in most major cities throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information give us a call Monday through Friday at 800-755-7597 between 9AM and 6PM PST. 

Or, visit us online at https://www.recordingconnection.com/courses/music-producing/ 


Lesson One: Intro to Sound and Hearing
Lesson Two: Basic Electronics
Lesson Three: Digital Audio
Lesson Four: Connectivity
Lesson Five: Microphones
Lesson Six: Microphone Placement
Lesson Seven: Tracking
Lesson Eight: Intro to ProTools
Lesson Nine: ProTools Basics
Lesson Ten: Plugins and Processing
Lesson Eleven: Midterm
Lesson Twelve: Mix Theory
Lesson Thirteen: Equalization
Lesson Fourteen: Dynamic Signal Processing
Lesson Fifteen: Time-Based Effects
Lesson Sixteen: MIDI
Lesson Seventeen: Automation
Lesson Eighteen: Acoustics and Monitoring
Lesson Nineteen: Mastering
Lesson Twenty: Final Exam


Your instructor will be a professional audio engineer, music producer or recording studio owner.  Lessons will take place in their recording studio.  There is also a structured online curriculum to accompany the in-person, in-studio, hands on learning.
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The Recording Connection is part of the Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools using a distance learning curriculum and  a minimum of ten hours a week of real world one-on-one mentoring by a working professional.  Programs offered by The Recording Connection include: 
  • Audio Engineering & Music Production
  • Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production
  • Ableton Electronic Music Production
  • Logic Pro Electronic Music Production
  • Hip Hop & Beat Making
  • Live Music
Programs are six months in duration and the Recording Connection has hundreds of mentors and their recording studios throughout the United States and Canada.
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