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Laser Hair Removal 30 hour Certification - Continuing Education

The Laser hair removal class at Boca Beauty Academy satisfies the requirement for the 30 hours continuing education class in this area of specialization.

Laser Hair Removal has become an extremely popular elective cosmetic procedure. It appeals to a broad demographic because of its long-lasting effects, relatively painless nature, and quick results.

At Boca Beauty Academy, our laser hair removal training course can teach you the skills you need to successfully further your career in the industry. The actual procedure involves specific wavelengths of light generating sufficient heat inside the hair follicle to disable its ability to grow. During these courses, you will learn from a licensed instructor who will teach you sterilization procedures, laser safety, client consultations, and post-treatment care. You’ll also explore laser physics, endocrinology and characteristics of laser light.



Upon successful completion of our accredited permanent hair removal training course, you will be eligible to apply for examination for the CCE (Certified Clinical Electrologist) and CME (Certified Medical Electrologist), which are necessary to practice laser hair removal professionally.

If you’re looking for an electrolysis program or laser hair removal training, contact us today. We can answer your questions and help you enroll.

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