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In this comprehensive two-day seminar designed for people who want to learn how to plan, execute, and/or manage linkage research and analysis initiatives, you will learn:

  • The origins of and rationale for linkage research and analysis, and why linkage research and analysis is an area of criticalimportance to marketers and marketing researchers.
  • The challenges and potential barriers to successful linkage research and analysis efforts, along with proven strategies foraddressing these challenges and barriers.
  • A step-by-step process for designing and executing linkage research projects.
  • Specific quantitative and qualitative techniques for establishing the linkages among: multiple sources of customer and market data; customer data and financial/market performance metrics; customer data and employee data; customer data and internal/operational performance metrics.
  • How to apply the results of linkage research and analysis in order to: evaluate the costs and benefits of alternative managerial actions and investment strategies; determine priorities for managerial action and resource allocation;align and set performance targets for internal processes and operations in order to maximize the probability of achieving desired financial and market performance results; monitor and assess the impact of the preceding decisions and actions.


Day 1

8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Session 1 –Rationale and Overview of Linkage Research and Analysis:

  • Definition, rationale, and origins of linkage research and analysis
  • Types of linkage analysis
  • Key challenges and potential obstacles to linkage
  • Basic approaches to and units of linkage research and analysis
  • Introduction of a recommended process for analysis
  • Examples and case illustrations


Session 2 – Key Steps in Designing Linkage Research Projects:

  • Linkage research and analysis process overview
  • Definition and rationale for blueprinting
  • Overview of the blueprinting process
  • Organizing and facilitating a blueprinting session
  • Using the blueprint to assess readiness to conduct linkage analysis
  • Using the blueprint to focus and direct data inventory and assembly
  • Key data processing and preparatory considerations and challenges
  • Examples and case illustrations



Session 3 – Overview of Linkage Analysis Process Steps:

  • Analytical steps in a linkage project
  • The recommended ten-step process
  • Key objectives of each step of the process
  • Examples and case illustrations
  • Understanding alternate analytical techniques for linkage analysis


Session 4 – Linking Multiple Sources of Customer and Market Data:

  • Goals and benefits of linking multiple sources of customer and market data
  • Strengths and limitations of alternative sources of customer and market data
  • Relevant techniques of analysis
  • Triangulation of data and analysis of convergence
  • Case illustration of convergence analysis and mapping
  • Linking multiple customer surveys through bridge modeling
  • Case illustrations of bridge modeling
  • Mini-workshop



Day 2

8:30 am – 3:30 pm


Session 5 –Linking Customer and Market Data to Financial and Market Performance Indicators:

  • Rationale and benefits of linking customer and market data to financial and business results
  • Basic approaches to analysis
  • Overview and illustration of projection
  • Overview and illustration of direct linkage
  • Influential factors and key considerations in approaching linkage of customer and market data to financial and business results


Session 6 – Linking Customer and Market Data to Data from Other Key Stakeholders:

  • Rationale and benefits of linking customer and market data to data from employees, intermediaries, and other key stakeholders
  • The business case
  • Quasi-employees of the firm
  • Linking and prioritizing customer and employee issues




Session 7 – Linking Customer and Market Data to Internal Process and Operational Data:

  • Rationale and benefits of linking customer and market data to process and operational data
  • Case illustrations
  • Key learning
  • Key steps in action planning and implementation


Session 8 – Building the Linkage Blueprint – A Workshop:

  • Team-based exercise designed to allow participants to apply the linkage blueprint and data inventory assessment steps
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