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Autodesk Inventor 2019 Introduction to Solid Modeling

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The Autodesk Inventor 2019: Introduction to Solid Modeling course provides you with an understanding of the parametric design philosophy through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum. You will learn the key skills and knowledge needed to design models using Autodesk Inventor, starting with conceptual sketching, through to solid modeling, assembly design, and drawing production. 

The practices and files included with this course might not be compatible with prior versions.


  1. Introduction to Autodesk Inventor
    1. Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals
    2. Getting Started
    3. Autodesk Inventor Interface
    4. Model Manipulation
  2. Creating the Base Feature
    1. Creating a New Part File
    2. Sketched Base Features
    3. Editing Sketched Features
  3. Additional Sketching Tools
    1. Additional Entity Types
    2. Basic Editing Tools
    3. Additional Constraint Tools
    4. Additional Dimension Tools
  4. Advanced Sketch Editing Tools
    1. Advanced Editing Tools
    2. Rectangular Sketch Patterns
    3. Circular Sketch Patterns
    4. Sketch Preferences
  5. Sketched Secondary Features
    1. Sketched Secondary Features
    2. Using Existing Geometry
  6. Creating Pick and Place Features
    1. Edge Chamfer
    2. Constant Fillets
    3. Variable Fillets
    4. Face Fillets
    5. Full Round Fillets
    6. Holes
    7. Threads
    8. Editing Pick and Place Features
    9. Creation Sequence
  7. Work Features
    1. Work Planes
    2. Work Axes
    3. Work Points
  8. Equations
    1. Equations
    2. Parameters
  9. Additional Features
    1. Face Draft
    2. Splitting a Face or Part
    3. Shells
    4. Ribs
  10. Model and Display Manipulation
    1. Reordering Features
    2. Inserting Features
    3. Suppressing Features
    4. Section Views
    5. Design Views
  11. Fixing Problems
    1. Sketch Failure
    2. Feature Failure
  12. Sweep Features
    1. Sweep Features
  13. Loft Features
    1. Rail and Center Line Lofts
    2. Advanced Loft Options
  14. Duplication Tools
    1. Rectangular Feature Patterns
    2. Circular Feature Patterns
    3. Sketched Driven Patterns
    4. Mirror Parts or Features
    5. Manipulate Patterns and Mirror Features
  15. Feature Relationships
    1. Establishing Relationships
    2. Controlling Relationships
    3. Investigating Relationships
    4. Changing Relationships
  16. Assembly Environment
    1. Assembling Components Using Constraints
    2. Assemble Mini-Toolbar
    3. Content Center
    4. Assembly Browser
    5. Saving Files
  17. Joint Connections
    1. Assembling Components Using Joints
  18. Manipulating Assembly Display
    1. Moving and Rotating Assembly Components
    2. Suppressing Constraints
    3. Component Display
    4. Selection Options in Assemblies
  19. Model Information
    1. Measurement Tools
    2. Model Properties
  20. Presentation Files
    1. Creating Presentations
    2. Storyboards
    3. Snapshot Views
    4. Publishing a Presentation File
  21. Assembly Tools
    1. Replacing Components
    2. Duplicating Components
    3. Restructuring Components
    4. Driving Constraints
    5. Contact Solver
    6. Interference
    7. Error Recovery
  22. Assembly Parts and Features
    1. Assembly Parts
    2. Assembly Features
  23. Assembly Bill of Materials
    1. Create Virtual Components
    2. Create Bill of Materials
  24. Working With Projects
    1. Project Files
    2. Resolving Links
  25. Drawing Basics
    1. Creating a New Drawing
    2. Base and Projected Views
    3. Additional Drawing Views
    4. Manipulating Views
  26. Detailing Drawings
    1. Dimensions
    2. Drawing Sheets
    3. Parts List
    4. Balloons
    5. Styles and Standards
    6. Hatching
  27. Drawing Annotations
    1. Text
    2. Symbols
    3. Hole and Thread Notes
    4. Chamfer Notes
    5. Center Marks and Center Lines
    6. Hole Tables
    7. Revision Tables and Tags
  28. Customizing Autodesk Inventor
    1. Application Options
    2. Document Settings
    3. File Properties
    4. Changing Part Units
    5. Command Customization
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