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This free online course shows how Lean and Six Sigma can help businesses and organizations reduce their environmental impact.

This course is the online version of a classroom course I've been teaching the past couple years. I want to make it available to everyone, since I cannot travel all over the world, and don't want you to have to travel to Portland in order to learn the materials.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How organizations have applied these concepts to their organization (videos)
  • What is Sustainability and how it relates to finances
  • What is Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma
  • How the Lean 7 forms of waste have a negative impact on the environment 
  • How the Lean "gemba walk" approach can be used to reduce electricity usage 
  • How Six Sigma projects can be used to reduce electricity usage 
  • How Lean Six Sigma tools can be modified to incorporate the environment 
  • Why Lean and Six Sigma will not naturally address environmental impacts 
  • How to involve your Environment, Safety and Health and Facilities personnel into your improvement efforts 
  • How Lean Six Sigma can help your environmental efforts go beyond "low hanging fruit" ideas
  • Useful Lean Six Sigma Tools for the environment, such as 5S, Green Impact Matrix, SQDC and more! 



Brion Hurley is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Business Performance Improvement. He teaches Lean and Six Sigma classes, facilitates workshops and events, performs statistical analysis, and mentors employees through improvement efforts. Prior to BPI, he spent 18 years at Rockwell Collins as a Lean Six Sigma consultant. He also led corporate sustainability teams to reduce electricity usage and solid waste, and helped people connect process improvement concepts with sustainability. He is focused on teaching Lean and Six Sigma concepts to sustainable businesses in the Pacific Northwest, to help them reduce their impact on the environment. He has degrees in Statistics, Quality Management, and Environmental Sustainability. He volunteers his time with Lean Portland as the Community Consultant Lead, managing and leading multiple nonprofit improvement projects.  He is also the author of “Lean Six Sigma for Good: How improvement experts can help people in need, and help improve the environment” and is currently the President of the nonprofit, Recycling Advocates.
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Business Performance Improvement LLC is a sustainable process improvement consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon, founded by Brion Hurley. Our mission is focused on “helping businesses and organizations achieve “triple bottom line” performance using Lean and Six Sigma.” We are a Certified B Corporation, 1% for the Planet member, Oregon Benefit company, and we volunteer our expertise with Lean Portland.

We are driven by a desire to make the world a better place. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a list of 17 major initiatives that need to be improved. We use the Multnomah County Climate Action Plan to drive our efforts to reduce carbon emissions within the region, specifically around energy usage, wasted food, and materials going to the landfill.

We are a network of consultants dedicated to helping businesses and organizations develop a culture and discipline of process improvement beyond just making money (profits). We focus on practical, hands-on experience and learning, not weeks of training that provides no tangible benefits.

BPI donates at least one solar panel monthly to the nonprofit, Everybody Solar.

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