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CompTIA IT Network+

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Ended last Apr 04, 2019
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CompTIA IT Network+

CompTIA was created in 1982 as the Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD), later, changing the name to Computing Technology Industry Association. The CompTIA offers several certifications for IT professionals. For career advancement and corporations alike, CompTIA certifications are necessary in the IT industry as a vital protection measure against any network security gaps, hacker attacks and other common or emerging security threats.

CompTIA Network+ certifies the essential skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot any wired and wireless devices. It ensures an IT professional has the knowledge and skills to:

– Design and implement functional networks
– Configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices
– Use switches and routers to segment network traffic and create resilient networks
– Identify benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations
– Implement network security, standards, and protocols
– Troubleshoot network problems
– Support the creation of virtualized networks


Coursework: CompTIA Network+

Ports and Protocols and the OSI Model
Routing, Switching, & IP Addressing
Network Topologies & Technologies
Cloud Concepts, Network Services, & Cabling Solutions
Networking Devices
Network Storage, Virtualization, & WAN Technologies
Documentation and Diagrams & Business Continuity
Network Monitoring & Remote Access Methods
Policies and Best Practices
Security Devices, Wireless Security, & Access Control
Network Attacks & Device Hardening
Mitigation Techniques
Troubleshooting Methodology & Tools
Troubleshooting Connectivity & Performance Issues
Troubleshooting Common Network Service Issues


No. of Days: 4
Total Hours: 32
No. of Participants: 12
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