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Legal English Online Certificate Course - LELC - Level 1

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Legal English Online Certificate Course - LELC - Level 1 
  • Many law & business students aspire to work in international law firms or companies where a good grasp of written English is essential. Employees/students/business executives may be able to write but have problems connecting their words with the correct 'articles' such as 'a'/'an'/'the' and they also have never-ending issues with 'prepositions' such as 'on'/'in'/'to' or 'since'/'from' or 'to'.
  • This course is practical and designed to assist students with their written English skills. 
  • This course constitutes 6 hours of CPD.
  • We start by providing students with an overview of the correct use of articles and prepositions both in a general English and legal English context.
  • The course then moves on to provide students with an overview of the importance of correct punctuation; another key skill in drafting.
  • We introduce some legal terminology and emphasise the importance of its use. 
  • By the end of the course students will know how to draft simple letters in English.


  • The use of articles: 'a', 'an' & 'the' including the non-use of articles (both in a general & legal context)
  • The use of common prepositions and idioms
  • The correct use of some punctuation
  • Legal terminology including the use of simple English when communicating with clients
  • How to start drafting letters in English
  • The structure & contents letters


  1. Presentation slides are used to deliver the course
  2. Material supporting each lesson is provided
  3. During the lesson(s) practical exercises will be provided to students to consolidate their understanding
  4. Quizzes are provided
  5. Students can contact the tutor for any clarification(s)
  6. A certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the course
Who is this course for?
  • Any law or business student whose native language is not English and would like to improve their English starting from the basics
  • Any lawyer whose first language is not English who need help with their English and need to start from the basics
  • Anyone who has an interest in law and is working in an environment where they work in law and needs help with their knowledge of legal English
  • Students who require help with their English
  • Students who have an interest in studying law and whose first language is not English

A basic understanding of English

Career path

The LELC - level 1 course will give students more confidence when they apply for positions that require a basic knowledge of English, legal English and how to draft simple letters.

Career paths could be:

a) a legal assistant; or

b) a lawyer

c) a legal secretary

d) a paralegal

e) a Legal Executive

The above positions will require students to take exams in the relevant sectors.


Yasmine is the founder of the 'London Centre for Advanced Training & Education' (LCATE), an educational establishment which provides legal Education to students all over the world.

Yasmine Lupin provides reviews of each subject in this online course and you can contact her directly for any subject areas of concern. 
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The London Centre for Advanced Training & Education is a limited liability company which is accredited by ASIC to provide both onsite and online legal courses to international students. 
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