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About this Course

This is a tutorial series on PHP Interview Questions and Answers. In this video we will start with an introduction on what is PHP then we will move to how to install PHP into local machine and what are the applications of PHP. In this video tutorial series we will discuss and learn some of the basic, important and frequently asked questions to people at the time of interviews. This video tutorial series will provide you a complete information and knowledge on basic and advanced topics on PHP. After watching this complete tutorial series you will be very much confident to address or answer almost any question asked on PHP and MYSQL at the time of interviews.

Basic knowledge
  • A very little or no prior knowledge of php is required to start this course. Users are required to install a web server like XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP or LAMP to be installed in computer
What you will learn

Students will learn different important concepts like,

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Different Applications or uses of PHP
  • How to execute PHP scripts
  • Difference Between echo and print
  • Difference Between include, includeonce, require and requireonce
  • Difference Between GET and POST
  • How to Declare Array in PHP
  • Difference Between Sessions and Cookies
  • How to connect to MYSQL Database using PHP
  • How to Fetch Records from MySQL Database using PDO and MySQLi
  • What is the Difference Between Explode and Split Function in PHP
  • How to move an image to folder using PHP
  • PHP File Operations
  • What is the use of method, action and enctype attribute in PHP
  • Difference Between mysqlconnect and mysqlPconnect Functions in PHP
  • Different Types of Errors in PHP

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