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Create Art and Animate with Adobe Animate

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Ended last Jun 25, 2019
USD  795.00


Create Art and Animate with Adobe Animate
Save $100 on Adobe Animate Training Classes in LA or Live Anywhere!

Learn how easy it is to draw in Animate CC and then animate your art in a Animate! Create animated movies creating everything from scratch as you master Adobe Animate.

Learn how Animate works with the web!Its pro's, its cons, and tips & tricks!

Create art with Animate drawing tools, create symbols, add scenes, use gradients, masks, create animation using motion tweens, frame-by-frame animation, and lerarn how to use the Motion Editor to create animations, animate using color effects, transparency, filters, and easing.

Create Movie Clips using frame-by-frame animations and other symbols and art. You will create art from scratch and then animate it! Using motion guides to create a path for your animation, , create lightning in Photoshop and import it into Animate and see how these programs can work seamlessly! 

You'll add images, sound, video, and use color effects, masking and filters for dynamic animation... all this and more in this fun 2 day class!

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Los Angeles | Santa Monica

Date and Time slot available:
July 24-25 (9:30am-4:30pm)

More details about course please visit:

View Outline - https://www.headtrixtraining.com/Adobe-Training-Classes/adobe-flash-training.php

Contact Details:
Address: headTrix Training
2500 Broadway, Building F
Suite 125, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Cell No: 3104500122
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.headtrixtraining.com/


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 3
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headTrix, Inc. | Adobe Certified Training & Consulting

headTrix is a computer training & consulting company. We offer hands-on, instructor-led computer based training classes & consulting in Web Design & Development, Desktop Publishing, Interactive New Media, eLearning, Video Editing, Video Effects, Photo Editing & Effects, Motion Graphics, Animation, Graphic design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization & more!

Adobe Certified Training Classes in small class settings.
Certified, Experienced instructors offering individualized attention to every student in the class. We have offered hands-on software training classes and consulting on Adobe and Macromedia Products since 1998.

headTrix, Inc. | Adobe Certified Training & Consulting
2500 Broadway, Building F, Suite 125, Santa Monica, Los Angeles , California, USA 90404
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