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Details about SQL Server DBA Training

If you’re looking for a skill that can make you earn approximately $100,000 annually, then this SQL Server training is for you. Structured Query Language is the back-end programming language that is used to interact with databases that helps in the storage of data. The language allows you to retrieve data easily. Because of the increase in advancement in technologies like Business Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, etc. businesses are required more people to learn the SQL programming language. JanBask Training is currently providing learning opportunities that may help you get started quickly- from the exploration of product to deep training and certification.

Early Bird Offer

Enroll yourself in the upcoming batch of SQL Server DBA Training and get a chance to win discount vouchers. The training is going to start with 10-29-2019onwards. Hurry! Only a few seats are left!

Audience Prerequisites

Before preceding the training content, it is assumed that the student is a novice and has no or less preliminary knowledge of SQL Server. Also, you will need to have a windows-based system that can run Microsoft SQL Server.

Course Specifications

  • Project-based Live Learning

  • 24x7 assistance

  • Certification driven concepts

  • Eclectic course curriculum

  • A free quiz for self-analysis

  • A free demo session

  • Personalized user experience

  • Learning Management System

  • Interesting Learning Resources

  • Learn from your comfort

Career options available after SQL Server Training

  • Software Developers 

  • IT Professionals

  • Big Data and Hadoop Professionals

  • Business Intelligence Professionals

  • Project Managers

About JanBask Training

JanBask Training is offering the ultimate training in Microsoft SQL Server that could be taken up by proficient learners who are looking forward to becoming a certified expert in the back-end. The company has several latest technologies which are hard to learn by themselves. It is offering the best online training on different technologies like SQL Server, Business Analysis, Salesforce, etc. in a lesser period. After every training session, the world’s most innovative minds come to get the hands-on training to inspire, excite, and motivate themselves for the profile of Database Management. 

For more information, please visit our website: -

  • Website: https://www.janbasktraining.com

  • Url: https://www.janbasktraining.com/online-sql-server-training

  • Attend Free Demo – or for any queries write us at [email protected] or call us on +91 9999160933


Oct 29, 2019 - Jan 29, 2020
Weekdays 09:00 PM — 10:30 PM
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JanBask Training delivers Online Training through Its Live Sessions which are headed by Industry Professionals as Trainers & Mentors. The training module is designed as per the market requirement so that it helps student to conquer the Certification and achieve their career goals.
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