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The 40 Hour HAZWOPER course is the initial training required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910 120 for work on a hazardous waste site. The HAZWOPER Training includes both classroom instruction and a practical hands-on exercise. The 40 Hour HAZWOPER safety course takes place over five 8 hour days in our training classroom located in Denver, Colorado.

Who Should Take the HAZWOPER 40 Hour Training:

OSHA requires HAZWOPER 40 Hour training for any employee who may be involved in the removal, treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste. This includes, but is not limited to, waste water workers, oil and gas workers, contaminated soil or groundwater remediation personnel, remediation crews, employees involved with the removal or handling of underground tanks, construction workers on sites where hazardous wastes are known or expected to exist, have the potential to be encountered, and HAZMAT Emergency Response teams.

Note: The HAZWOPER 40 Hour course (sometimes referred to as OSHA 40 Hour) is the minimum training requirement for all employees who have the potential to come into contact with hazardous waste. Managers and Supervisors on hazardous waste sites require additional training. An 8 Hour Refresher training is required annually in order to maintain current HAZWOPER certification.

HAZWOPER topics include:

- Intro to OSHA & Training Requirements for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

- Review of Historical Events & Applicable Regulations

- Other Agencies Involved in HAZWOPER

- Hazard Communications

- Chemical Behaviors and Properties

- Toxicology

- Medical Surveillance

- Blood Borne Pathogens

- Recordkeeping

- Fire Protection Requirements

- Confined Spaces

- Risk Assessment and Analysis

- Pre-Incident Planning

- Industrial Hygiene

- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

- Respiratory Protection

- Decontamination Planning, Methods and Procedures

- Site Characterization

- Incident Command System

- Spill Response

- Practical Exercise

What sets HAZMAT Plans & Programs' HAZWOPER training apart from others?

HP&P's instructors have years of hands-on, real life experience in Contingency Planning, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Energetics), Emergency Response Operations, and Unexploded Ordnance Safety. HP&P instructors also strongly emphasize team building as an element of the HAZWOPER training. HAZMAT Plans has been providing HAZWOPER 40 Hour training to Federal, State and Local entities and private industries since 1992.

Participants will receive a HAZMAT Plans & Programs photo ID wallet card and a certificate showing completion of HAZWOPER 40 Hour Training.

Class time: 8am to 5pm

Price: $495

Location: Denver, CO

* If our class dates do not work with your schedule, we have a second classroom that can be scheduled for HAZWOPER 40 Hour Training. We do require reservations for groups of 5 or more. You choose the dates and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
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