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Personal Listening Profile

This workshop allows participants to complete a self-assessment, and then consider how to optimize their listening performance. The Personal Listening Profile helps participants identify their preferred or most natural approach to listening, and gain insight into the listening approaches of others.

Choose a half day, one or two day training format to assure the results you want in the timeline you have available.

Choose our location or the location of your choice. We bring portable activities to locations worldwide to build collaboration, interaction and hands-on learning.

Key Learnings:
The Personal Listening Profile identifies five listening approaches:
  1. Appreciative.
  2. Empathetic.
  3. Comprehensive.
  4. Discerning.
  5. Evaluative.
Program Outcomes:

Understanding personal listening approaches is essential to good communication an essential for a more productive workplace.

Good communication skills lead to successful teams, groups and organizations. Effective listening skills are crucial to productive communication.

The Personal Listening Profile will help users become an active, purposeful listener in a wide variety of situations.
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