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This full-day session asks participants to complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator online, before they arrive for the program. Sessions include an overview of the MBTI, a review of work and group communication styles, and focuses on improving group cohesion, communication, and trust.

Choose a half day, one or two day training format to assure the results you want in the timeline you have available.

Choose our location or the location of your choice. We bring portable activities to locations worldwide to build collaboration, interaction and hands-on learning.

Key Learning's:

Participants will learn to assess people. The Myers-Briggs assessment provides tools to help participants better understand individual differences, with easy-to-read graphic descriptions of reported types, preferences, and characteristics. The information comes in a user-friendly, narrative format, and interprets your MBTI results. Reports support specific goals.

Apply what they have learned. Additional resources help you better understand your personality type and its relationship to performance, team dynamics, and other topics.

The Myers-Briggs assessment provides tools to help you better understand individual differences, with easy-to-read graphic descriptions of reported types, preferences, and characteristics. Your participants will complete a personal and group action plan to optimize performance together back at work.
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We’re The Corporate Learning Institute, and our services span your performance needs from developing effective individual contributors, managers and leaders to creating the strategies that will build your future success.

As organizational coaches and action facilitators, we help you build a workforce ready and able to take on the challenges of growth and change. Here’s how we do it:

  • We partner with you to determine your needs.
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We are the experts in training, coaching and strategic facilitation. We bring in the best content expertise and blend it with your culture and specific needs.

CLI staff is an unusual blend of credentialed, seasoned practitioners with the incredible ability to relate to you and your people. But then we have had years to master the things you need most-effective performance and strategy solutions. ...

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