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If you are an instructional designer or technical writer, you have no doubt spent time attempting to perfect the art of teaching programs using fewer and fewer words. If you are in the business of educating, you know how difficult this job can be.

These days, interactive lessons that can be viewed over the Internet or from a mobile device are all the rage. There are many programs that can be used to capture a computer's screen, mouse action and audio. Unfortunately, the resulting movies can be huge--a five minute lesson could easily gobble up nearly 100mb of storage space on a hard drive. Downloading a file that large will take a lot of time, even if a user has a fast Internet connection. Large file sizes are just part of the problem. The movies may not be cross-platform (they may not work on both Macs and PCs). Interactivity is a feature most of the "mouse capture" applications do not support. And there are few of these programs that allow images to be imported.

In short, the technology for creating interactive lessons WAS bad. But not anymore. Using Adobe Captivate, you can capture screen shots on your computer and quickly turn them into lessons (movies). The movies you create can be interactive--you can add images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas and sound effects.


Our Training is Tailored to meet YOUR Needs.

Here is a general review of areas to be delivered, however we do customize the event for our students sothat they recieve the best training for their time.

Course Outline TWO DAYS 9-4  - Virtual/Instructor Led/ Onsite/ Offsite
Lesson 1: eLearning and Captivate

Education Through Pictures
Planning eLearning Projects
The Captivate Environment
Blank Projects
Lesson 2: Recording Demonstrations and Simulations

Resolution and Recording Size
The Development Process
Preparing to Record
Access for Assistive Devices
Multi-Mode Recording
Custom Recordings
Lesson 3: Captions, Styles and Timing

Text Captions
Caption Styles
Callout Types
The Timeline
Lesson 4: Images and Drawing Objects

The Library
Image Editing
Smart Shapes
Image Slideshows
Lesson 5: Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes

Mouse Effects
Pointer Paths and Types
Highlight Boxes
Lesson 6: Rollovers and Zoom Areas

Rollover Captions
Rollover Images
Zoom Areas
Rollover Slidelets
Lesson 7: Audio

Object Audio
Slide Notes
Recording Audio
Lesson 8: Video, Animation and Effects

Text Animation
Object Effects
Lesson 9: Converting Demonstrations Into Simulations

Demonstrations versus Simulations
Find and Replace
Click Boxes
Text Entry Boxes
Lesson 10: Working with PowerPoint

PowerPoint as a Starting Point
PowerPoint Collaboration
Rescaling Projects
Lesson 11: Introduction to Question Slides

Quiz Setup
Creating a Quiz
Lesson 12: Publishing

URL Actions
Round Tripping
Lesson 13: More Recording Modes

Recording Video Demos
Recording Outside the Box
Recording Manually


Mr. Bob Lynch |   Business and Marketing Director  | Learning That Stays Pays!

[email protected]   |  Phone: 215-393-5953   |  www.Digi-Quest.com
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