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Botox Training Los Angeles

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Ended last Sep 05, 2020
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This new Dentox training course will make sure that you spark up a fresh interest in your field by teaching you new skills and procedures in the areas of cosmetic surgery.

There is nothing worse than truly being bored of the career that you have trained for over the years, and yet it is a common problem within the dental world. You spend almost a decade making sure that you can get to where you are today, and then you realize that the place that you have spent so long trying to get to is . . . well, boring! That is why so many dentists are flocking to Los Angeles – so that they can take the Dentox training course and gain a fresh perspective, learning new skills and speaking to patients in a completely different way.

Get ready to transform your current working life, because the Dentox course will teach you:

- About Botox: the history of the procedure, the different biological ways in which you can use it, and the various ways that it can make a real difference to the way that a person looks

- About dermal fillers: how they differ from Botox, how the different chemicals can be used to create different appearances, and why you should always consult with your patient more than once

- About platelet rich plasma: the procedure that even the professionals are still learning about, and how it can transform your patients whether they are looking for cosmetic changes or not

This fantastic one day course is the one day that you need to revolutionize your career, and it’s happening right here in Los Angeles, so brighten up your future and make sure that you book your slot in the first come first served Dentox training course today!

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No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 10
No. of Participants: 100
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Dentox is a leading provider of Botox & Dermal Filler Training Programs, administered by Dr. Howard Katz, the inventor named on the patent applications for Botulinum Toxins. 
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