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JanBask Training is a virtual reskilling & upskilling platform that prepares learners from scratch around the market’s highly-growing & paid skills like DevOps & more via real-world projects solving,  industry experts as the trainers, and industry-approved course curriculum. Training career seekers end-to-end to qualify the accredited certifications and real-time job-related aspects.

Why Our DevOps Training and Certification?
DevOps market size is expected to grow from $ 2.90 Billion to $ 10.31 Billion between 2017-2023. A trained and certified DevOps professional earns an annual average salary between $91,000 to $155,000.

With our DevOps Training for Certification:

  • Get DevOps professional’s real-life skills.

  • Get Accredited DevOps Certification knowledge.

  • Get practical understanding of DevOps concepts --- DevOps & Linux Admin, DevOps in the cloud, network configuration, GIT & Maven, Jenkins & Docker brief, Ansible, Kubernetes, Nagios Architecture, DevOps using AWS, and more.

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DevOps Course Attributes

  • DevOps projects from real-industry

  • DevOps concepts from basics to advanced

  • DevOps Certifications focused learnings

  • E-learning management system with interactive e-learning tools 

  • Flexible class timings & batches 

  • Free Demo & career counseling

  • DevOps Training Completion Certificate

  • Interview & resume assistance

  • 24/7 support for course roadblocks

Learn from Real DevOps Experts at JanBask Training

  • 360-degree preparation for competent DevOps Certifications & Interviews

  • Real-industry DevOps projects solving via live classes

  • Industry recognized course content 

  • Practical examples-led teachings 

  • Insights about in-demand DevOps certification & jobs

For Communications:
For DevOps Master Training free demo class signup - https://www.janbasktraining.com/devops-certification-training
Have unattended queries? Write to us at [email protected] or call us on +1 202 599 3842


No. of Days: 120
Total Hours: 360
No. of Participants: 1000
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Why opt for our DevOps Training?

DevOps is a blend of processes, culture & tools that brings development and operations team together to fulfill the software development faster & accurately. The highly recognized infrastructure deployed by many brands like Netflix, Etsy, NASA, Amazon with great requirements for DevOps professionals.

  • Learn to deploy DevOps culture for advocating better collaboration between the development & operations team to construct a product of high yield.

  • Get practical learnings around DevOps tools & methodologies, its use around SDLC & cloud environments, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and a lot more.

  • Get learnings that it takes to qualify the DevOps Certification exams and the job processes.

DevOps Course Attributes

  • Real-industry projects on DevOps

  • DevOps concepts from basics to advanced

  • DevOps Certifications focused learnings

  • E-learning management system with immersive study tools like assignments MCQ, eBooks, & more.

  • Class timings & batches as per your time availability

  • Free - Demo class & career counseling

  • Training completion Certificate

  • Interview & resume building

  • A course for everyone - with no prerequisite ...

JanBask Training
Arlington , Virginia, USA 22202
+1 202 599 3842
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