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Focus Group Moderator Training (Q01)

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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Dec 07, 2018
USD  3,295.00


This limited enrollment, intensive 4-day workshop is designed to train you to become a focus group moderator. Specifically, you will learn:
  • How to communicate with your "clients" to understand the decisions they want to make and how to turn that information into a qualitative research study.
  • The core skills used to design and moderate focus groups and how to apply those skills through a series of interactive workshops, including the opportunity to moderate a live focus group.
  • How to ask questions that will elicit the best quality responses and go beyond the top of mind answers to search for the truth behind what people say and do.
  • Tips and tricks on how to handle dominant participants and bring out the quiet and shy participants to make each interview or focus group as efficient and effective as possible without introducing bias into the session.
  • How to handle the mechanics associated with obtaining facilities, recruiting participants and working with clients behind the one way mirror.
  • Report writing tips on how to take the findings from your research and turn them into actionable information in a storytelling format.


Day 1
8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Session 1 – The Basics:

  • How does qualitative research fit into the overall research scheme and how can it be used most effectively
  • Determine which qualitative research techniques are most effective for your project including pointers for using in-depth interviews, ideation sessions and other qualitative techniques


Session 2 – How to Design a Qualitative Research Project:

  • Pointers on determining how many groups, which participants to invite, which cities to select and the appropriate moderator
  • How to create and use an inference ladder to design qualitative projects
  • Typical costs and fees



Session 3 – Discussion Guide Development:

  • How to create a discussion guide
  • Sequencing of topics and questions
  • What should and shouldn’t be included in a guide
  • The inverted pyramid approach
  • The four main stages of a discussion guide
  • Sample discussion guides


Session 4 – How to Create a Discussion Guide Workshop:

  • Using a real-life case study, learn through a "hands on" opportunity to create a guide and compare ideas



  • Pick a topic and create a simple discussion guide to be used during one-on-one interviews.



Day 2
8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Session 5 – How to Elicit Responses:

  • Review three levels of eliciting responses
  • Nonverbal communication techniques
  • Questioning skills – direct and non direct questions, probing, the why question and how to avoid it
  • How to avoid asking biasing questions
  • Unconditional positive regard and other moderator management skills


Session 6 – Interviewing Session:

  • One-on-one practice interviews to incorporate the questioning and moderating skills explored in previous sessions



Session 7 – Handling Problems Unique to Focus Groups:

  • Learn how to "liven up" and bring energy to dull sessions
  • Video clips and examples of how to handle non-responsive, unqualified or dominant participants
  • What to do when participants ask questions
  • Dealing with other group related dynamics


Session 8 – Working with Focus Group Facilities and Recruiters:

  • How to locate a facility, design a screener and answer questions regarding recruiting problems
  • How to work with the facility the day of the groups to have the most impactful sessions



  • Revise discussion guide based on feedback and one-on-one interviews.



Day 3
8:30 am – 5:30 pm


Session 9 – Effective Client Interactions:

  • How to develop quality communication through a series of groups, including effective listening skills from behind the one-way mirror
  • Managing the backroom
  • What are debriefing sessions and how to conduct them


Session 10 – Effective Client Reporting:

  • Pointers for writing actionable research reports
  • Analyzing qualitative data
  • Videotapes and transcripts




Session 11 – Moderate a Focus Group:

  • Practice the skills and behaviors learned during the seminar by moderating a group discussion



  • Finalize discussion guide for live focus group on last day.



Day 4
8:30 am – 4:30 pm


Session 12 – Focus Group Videotaping, Debrief and Feedback:

  • Overview of the day’s workshops and schedule
  • An opportunity to moderate a group of actual participants which will be recorded and observed by one of the seminar leaders
  • During lunch, debrief and receive feedback from one of the seminar leaders on your recorded focus group
  • Opportunity to learn by sitting in on other seminar participant feedback sessions
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