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The objective of this third module is to present the characteristics of different types of fuel, and look at the factors governing efficient combustion. Various types of burner equipment are demonstrated for burning coal, oil, natural gas, wood, and low-grade fuels such as municipal waste.

Course Objectives
Learning Objectives:
- Non-combustible elements in fuel.
- Typical analysis for coal, oil, natural gas and wood.
- Combustion reactions for carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur.
- Calculation for heat content of different fuels.
- Fuel requirements (quantity) to meet energy demand on boiler.
- Oxygen requirements for combustion of different fuels.
- Theoretical air requirements.
- Need for excess air.
- Flue gas analysis.
- Formation of carbon monoxide; effect of nitrogen.
- Monitoring oxygen (O2) in flue gas.
- Losses due to moisture in fuel gas.
- Significance of lower caloric value (LCV) and higher calorific
- Value (HCV).
- Conditions required for combustion in practice. Temperature, turbulence and time.
- Firing fuel oil and gas.
- Firing with pulverized coal.
- Bottom ash and fly ash removal.
- Solid-fuel firing on a grate.
- Firing low grade fuels.
- Fluidized bed combustion.


End of Course Instructions
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