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UAS West for Military and Government, San Diego, CA (September 12-13)

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Ended last Sep 13, 2018
USD  1,290.00


Program Themes Include: • Emerging UAS/sUAS DoD & Government Needs, Requirements ,and Opportunities • DoD UAS Joint Program Updates, Emerging Sensor Capabilities & Testing • Hands-on User Perspectives on UAS Training • Emerging Major UAV Program Weaponization Updates and Platforms • “Counter UAS” Emerging Technologies & Policies • sUAS & Nano System Innovations and Payloads • Civil and Commercial Drone Platforms, Payloads Imaging Opportunities • Latest FAA Air Traffic Integration Programs Status Updates • UAS Swarming MUM-T Capabilities • GOGO vs. COCO Decision Making Capabilities • Acquisition and New Technology Adoption Programs….and much more!


Sep 12, 2018 - Sep 13, 2018
Wed, Thu 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
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Technology Training Corporation (TTC) was founded 40 years ago in Los Angeles, California by Hyman Silver, an icon in the aerospace industry for more than forty years. Hy Silver held senior executive positions at McDonnell Douglas, North American Rockwell and the Aerospace Corporation with a passion to provide continuing education courses and symposia for U.S. Aerospace, Government & DoD professionals.

Today, TTC covers the globe, offering public seminars, symposiums and on-site in-house training programs in virtually every field of business enterprise. From our corporate headquarters in Torrance, California, our dedicated staff of Technical Program Managers work tirelessly to bring the demanding market place the best and most advanced training programs available today. What Customers Can Expect to Experience from Attending a TTC Training Program: TTC’s programs scope, complexity and strict mission has been to provide the world finest intimate yet comprehensive technical training programs within a complex and diverse world of ever changing technological needs, requirements and opportunities that afford themselves and stem from U.S. Government, Military and Industry new program initiatives. Why Invest Time at a Technology Training Event? Tens of thousands of Defense, Government and Industry customers that have attended TTC programs and have benefitted by them with increased knowledge and exposure to priceless intimate networking experience that TTC enables and thoughtfully designs for building those invaluable networking contacts and business exchanges. Relationships made within an environment conducive to facilitate those sought after cordial introductions and access to Top Industry and Government leaders have proven invaluable to thousands of past attendees since our founding. ...
Technology Training Corp.
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