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Conference on Strategic Dialogues: Impact of Renewable Energy on Oil and Gas Ventures

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In-Person / Conference
Ended last Nov 23, 2018
USD  1,500.00


Day 1: 19th November 2018 – Strategic Dialogue: Global Oil Outlook on Renewable Energy
Paper 1-
The impact of renewable energy on oil and gas
Pace and scale of energy innovation
Paper 2-
Global Energy and emerging issues
Impact on IOC’s -New directions for the upstream industry
Day 2: 20th November 2018 – Investment Opportunities for Renewable Energy
Paper 1-
Finance for renewable energy in Africa
Investment-Opportunities, Challenges and Issues
Paper 2-
Investment: Are we abandoning oil find?
Changes in Investment-Investor’s Perspective
Day 3: 21st November 2018-  Future of renewable energy
Paper 1-
Powering a new energy future: - renewable option
Future of global renewables
Paper 2-
Building the energy innovation ecosystem
Innovation in energy for growth and development in Africa
Day 4: 22nd November 2018 -  Strategic Dialogue: Sustainability of Renewable Energy
Paper 1-
Renewable energy sustainability in Africa
Role of National Oil Company and IOC’s regarding the future of renewable energy
Paper 2-
The role of research and development in sustainability of renewable energy
Energy power transition -Global strategies
Day 5: 23rd November 2018 – Strategic Dialogue: Discussion and Case Study 
Paper 1-
New Mobility-Who owns the future?
Tipping geo-political interests-Sanctions and Energy
Paper 2-
Case study and group discussions
Feedback, action points and closing ceremony


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