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Virtual Assistance: Typing Test

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typing test tutorial
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Xcel Hub Training Services started with a passion- a passion for knowledge and sharing it with people. Founder, Roxanne Lineses, wanted to become a teacher when she was younger, but she became a reports developer and analyst instead. Pursuing her career in the corporate world didn't stop her from doing what wants to do- to teach. This passion pushed her to volunteer as a teacher for a charity and to post online tutorials. It opened many doors that she decided to leave her job and start her own company. Small to big companies have been availing Ms Excel training services to upskill their employees. We have organized public workshops in Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Manila, Laguna, Cavite and Pampanga. In-house workshops include customize workshop for a minimum of 5 employees, reports consultation, reports automation, certificates and handouts.

The effects of Covid-19 pandemic are widely felt not only by individuals but companies, big or small, as well. Small companies closing while the big guns laying-off employees became common news. But with grit and positive mind-set, Xcel Hub, a startup training company from Pampanga headed by Roxanne Lineses, kept on going.
Xcel Hub has just been in the training business for almost two years, providing MS Excel and Virtual Assistance workshops in key cities of the Philippines, when the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Knowing the pains that people experience because of the crisis, Xcel Hub did not think twice in shifting gears from doing face to face workshops to giving FREE online classes. This is to teach and guide those who lost their jobs, people who are in “no work no pay” situation or those with pay-cuts, learn to transition to online freelancing and earn while in quarantine. ...
Xcel Hub Training Services
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