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PURPOSE: The purpose of the Essentials of Business Consulting workshop (EBC) is to train new consultants in the knowledge, skills, and concepts of the complete consulting process: developing business, mobilizing consulting resources, building deliverables, and implementing solutions.

EBC is training on the best practices in consulting gained from research and real-world experience, and awakens consultants to the potential of becoming a trusted advisor. Participants learn the fundamentals of professional consulting.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As a result of attending EBC, participants will be able to:  Use a four-step consulting process  Apply twelve consulting competencies used by professional consultants  Understand the fundamentals of consulting economics  Understand the fundamentals of client management  Evaluate the capability of a consulting team  Judge the effectiveness of current consulting practice

PARTICIPANTS: The workshop is suitable for any type of consultants who are new to consulting and early in their consulting career. More experienced consultants (up to five years) will benefit from special topics in politics and change management. CBE complements existing sales and project management training.
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Edward Verlander is a managing partner at Verlander, Wang & Co, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in consulting training, leadership and managment development, executive coaching, and professional development in the education sector.

Since 1980, Dr. Verlander has published many articles including most recently Strategies for Improving Employee Retention in 2007. His book, The Practice of Professional Consulting, was published by J. Wiley in October, 2012.

Dr. Verlander is an adjunct professor teaching an MBA course on consulting at the College of Management, Long Island University. He has also taught at Jilin, Nanjing, and Dalian universities in China, and lectured at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technolgy in Germany, and the University of Surrey, UK.

With offices in New York, Frankfurt, Beijing, and Hong Kong, Edward and his colleagues consult throughout the world for clients at all levels of management in a diverse range of industries, including the public and private education sectors in China.

Born in England, Edward now lives in Setauket, New York. He earned a B.Sc., an MBA degree from the University of Connecticut, and master’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University. He also completed the Executive Program at the Columbia Business School and is certified to use various psychological and diagnostic instruments. ...
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