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Particle Characterization (PG) NPTEL

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Description: This advanced course in “Particle Characterization” deals with methods and techniques for quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating properties of single particles and particulate assemblies. Emphasis is on the fine-particle size range, from micrometers to nanometers. Particle characteristics are linked to relevant applications in industry. Transport properties, adhesion/ cohesion phenomena and surface-particle removal mechanisms are dealt with in detail.
Resources: OpenCourseware from NPTEL (India), Sheridan College, MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford & many other of the World's finest University's
Language: English
Professors: Michael Williams
Units: 40
Lesson content
  • Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction: Why study particle characterization?  
  • Mod-01 Lec-02 Introduction: Classification of particle characteristics  
  • Mod-02 Lec-03 Morphological Characterization: Shape analysis methods  
  • Mod-02 Lec-04 Morphological Characterization: Techniques of shape assessment  
  • Mod-02 Lec-05 Morphological Characterization: Decision rules  
  • Mod-03 Lec-06 Morphological Characterization: Static vs dynamic methods of size analysis  
  • Mod-03 Lec-07 Morphological Characterization: Static methods of size analysis  
  • Mod-03 Lec-08 Morphological Characterization: Light scattering from spherical particles  
  • Mod-03 Lec-09 Morphological Characterization: Particle counters  
  • Mod-03 Lec-10 Morphological Characterization: Particle size distributions  
  • Mod-03 Lec-11 Morphological Characterization: Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy  
  • Mod-03 Lec-12 Morphological Characterization: Nano-particle size analysis  
  • Mod-04 Lec-13 Structural Characterization  
  • Mod-05 Lec-14 Interfacial Characterization  
  • Mod-06 Lec-15 Surface Adhesion: Forces  
  • Mod-06 Lec-16 Surface Adhesion: Electrostatic & Surface-Tension Forces  
  • Mod-06 Lec-17 Surface Adhesion: Adhesion Force Measurement  
  • Mod-07 Lec-18 Particle Removal: Methods  
  • Mod-07 Lec-19 Particle Removal: Wet Cleaning  
  • Mod-08 Lec-20 Particle Cohesion: Forces  
  • Mod-08 Lec-21 Particle Cohesion: Flowability Implications  
  • Mod-09 Lec-22 Transport Properties: Diffusion & Electrostatic Field Effects  
  • Mod-09 Lec-23 Transport Properties: Drag & Inertia  
  • Mod-09 Lec-24 Transport Properties: Deposition Fluxes & Rates  
  • Mod-09 Lec-25 Transport Properties: Illustrative Application  
  • Mod-10 Lec-26 Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Reactivity  
  • Mod-10 Lec-27 Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Analytical Methods  
  • Mod-10 Lec-28 Chemical & Compositional Characterization: XRD & AFM  
  • Mod-11 Lec-29 Nano-particle Characterization: Bottom-Up Synthesis Methods  
  • Mod-11 Lec-30 Nano-particle Characterization: Top-Down Synthesis  
  • Mod-11 Lec-31 Nano-particle Characterization: Dispersion  
  • Mod-11 Lec-32 Nano-particle Characterization: Properties & Techniques  
  • Mod-12 Lec 33 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Nano-Fluids  
  • Mod-12 Lec-34 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Filtration  
  • Mod-12 Lec-35 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Cleanrooms  
  • Mod-12 Lec-36 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: High-Technology Manufacturing  
  • Mod-12 Lec-37 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Explosivity  
  • Mod-12 Lec-38 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Environment & Human Health  
  • Mod-12 Lec-39 Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Other Applications  
  • Mod-13 Lec-40 Summary  
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