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This class covers the uses and techniques of basic plug-ins. Day one will focus on primary plug-ins like EQs, compressors, gates,and dynamics.Day two will focus on effects like reverb, delay, and chorus.

Prerequisite: PT 101

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Providing Professional-Level Training Since 1994 Classes at Video Symphony are delivered at a professional level. We’re a pro school. In other words, many of our courses are attended by current professionals in post-production who need to sharpen their skills or develop new expertise. Full-time students, those who attend our certification programs and take a fuller course load, share classes with these pros. Everyone gets the same professional level of instruction in audio and film editing, animation, and every other module they take.

Once you enroll at Video Symphony, you will be getting so much more than just a traditional education. Working on the same equipment used by pros at cutting-edge editing bays, often studying side by side with those pros to learn the ins and outs of entertainment media production, and receiving instruction from industry experts with long lists of credentials, our students get insider’s experience of what it takes to excel in the world of film and television post production.

Video Symphony has invested time, effort, and money into developing professional-quality studios, getting leading industry professionals on our team of instructors, and putting together an incredible set of curriculum because we want to continue to be the best professional media production training center, and we want our students to finish their time at VS uniquely qualified to work in post-production. You have career dreams of making an impact, and we have the resources to help you get the needed skills and experience, as well as to prepare you to land your first job so you can get on your way. ...
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