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Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

Online Webinar by  Online Compliance Panel
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Everyone gets assignments that require more planning than simply jotting down some tasks on a "to-do list," especially in today's lean organizations. Have you been asked to take on complex activities such as moving the office, planning for a large company-wide event or developing a new set of procedures for tracking employees' mobile devices? If you're not a trained Project Manager, these can cause big headaches. Adopt the basic tools and skills of project management to make the difference between success and nightmares.

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Articulate the crucial business problem you will solve
  • Throw out your "to-do" list and organize tasks easily into a plan
  • "Manage" your project "team" of critical stakeholders
  • Track progress and get back on track quickly when things slip
  • Complete project successfully
  • Define lessons learned

Why Should you Attend
Today's leaner organizations have lost many specialists who performed specific functions from organizing complex meetings to renovating offices to keeping track of equipment. Much of that highly specialized work is performed through projects. However, the work is not recognized as a project, just someone's assignment, and people are not trained in the basics of project management. Work is added to an already full schedule, major decisions have been made elsewhere, and sometimes no "team" is assigned to work with you. Learn to plan, execute, and manage projects to get desired results on time and on budget. Learn to avoid the biggest pitfalls for any project manager and adapt widely-used approaches to manage projects effectively and efficiently. You do not need to be called a project manager to be a successful one.


Areas Covered
  • Define the business problem in the context of organizational mission
  • Create a project plan using simple tools and approaches
  • Consider project risk and plan for it
  • Create a virtual team of stakeholders to accomplish objectives
  • "Manage" your project "team" even if you don't have one
  • Keep critical stakeholders informed and involved
  • Track progress against plan; re-plan when necessary
  • Lead effective project meetings
  • Demonstrate successful project completion
  • Apply lessons learned to the next project


Instructor Profile:
Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., president of Advantage Leadership, Inc. In her career as a scientist, manager and officer in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, Rebecca has applied her critical thinking skills to problem solving and decision making as key components of her work. She has developed and taught these programs around the world for organizations such as the American Management Association, Management Centre Europe, Mediterranean Management Centre, Hong Kong Productivity Council, and the Lviv Institute of Management. As president of Advantage Leadership, Inc. Rebecca works with leaders who want to grow their organizations and improve their bottom lines through strategic leadership and planning, engaged employees, and improved critical processes. She has a Ph.D. in organizational development and is an MBTI Master Practitioner. In addition, Rebecca is an elected foreign member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy and has been honored by organizations on four continents. 

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