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120-Hour TEFL Certification (On-Site Residential course)

Certification by  TESOL International Inc.
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We offer a four-week residential certification course that provides for a high-quality practical training. During the training, there are daily study sessions in which trainees learn teaching methodology, classroom management skills, phonology, and how to teach English grammar. A substantial amount of the time is spent on preparing, teaching, and evaluating ESL classes. The students are either local immigrants or foreign visitors.

This course gives you the best return on your investment. As you gradually acquire new skills, you have sufficient practice to apply them to teaching and to get immediate feedback from your trainer. Your teaching skill will improved quickly over the time of the course. By the time you apply for positions, you know how to design interesting EFL classes and how to run your EFL classroom efficiently.

In the career-support segment, we'll assist you in preparing your resume/CV, help you locate a school, and give you interview tips.

The course results in 120-Hour TEFL Certification and comes with full career-support services.
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We are a TEFL/TESOL certification provider with 150 hours of study time in our training courses. Our training programs come with employment support services. We help our graduates find employment around the world.

We offer the following English teacher training courses:
1. Residential TEFL/TESOL certification, resulting in a 120-hour certificate. The course contains 3 weeks of daily teaching practice with real EFL students
2. Combined (on line, on site) TEFL/TESOL certification, resulting in a 120-hour certificate. The course contains 2 weeks of daily teaching practice with real EFL students.
3. On-line TEFL/TESOL certification resulting in a 120-hour certificate. Classes can be observed through videos.

4. TEFL/TESOL trainer certification course with 2 weeks daily teaching practice in a TEFL/TESOL training center.

5. 50-hour on-line specializations:
- How to Teach Business English
- How to Teach Young Learners
- How to Teach TOEFL Test Preparation

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