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In this Introduction to Python programming training course, you will learn to develop applications using Python's language features, standard library modules, and third-party software packages. Gain the skills to achieve rapid development cycles, faster time-to-market, and lower cost of maintenance. Python is a powerful and flexible object-oriented scripting language that is designed for ease of use and enhanced productivity.


  1. Introduction to Python
    1. Python language characteristics
    2. The Python execution model
  2. Leveraging Python Built-in Types
    1. Manipulating string and numeric literals
      1. Declaring and initializing variables
      2. Performing arithmetic calculations
      3. Making decisions and performing iterations
      4. Formatting and slicing strings
    2. Aggregating related data
      1. Accessing positional information in lists
      2. Representing ordered data with tuples
      3. Consistently handling data collections with iterators
  3. Organizing and Structuring Code
    1. Defining and calling functions
      1. Positional, keyword and default arguments
      2. Implementing variable-length argument lists
      3. Iterating with generator functions
    2. Grouping code into modules
      1. Importing and packages
      2. Referencing functions from modules by qualification
      3. Accessing the Standard Library
  4. Implementing Classes and Objects
    1. Declaring and modifying objects
      1. Encapsulating attributes and methods in classes
      2. Initializing objects with constructors
      3. Accessing and modifying attributes with methods
      4. Overloading operators
    2. Inheritance and polymorphism
      1. Reusing functionality through inheritance
      2. Extending methods from base classes
      3. Overriding methods for dynamic behavior
      4. Tracing the scope in the namespace
      5. Enhancing functionality with class decorators
  5. Manipulating the File System
    1. Managing files
      1. Reading and writing text and binary files
      2. Importing the OS module for directory management
    2. Increasing program robustness through handling exceptions
      1. Maintaining program control with error handlers
      2. Detecting errors and raising exceptions
  6. Interfacing with Relational Databases
    1. Establishing communication
      1. Creating a SQL database connection
      2. Instantiating cursors to access a database
    2. Executing SQL statements within a Python program
      1. Retrieving desired data sets
      2. Updating the database with action statements
  7. Constructing a GUI with Tkinter
    1. Building the user interface
      1. Defining GUI classes with Frames
      2. Placing widgets and geometry managers
      3. Displaying scrolling output
    2. Listening for interface events
      1. Responding to mouse clicks
      2. Binding event handlers
  8. Developing Web Applications
    1. Analyzing the request processing pipeline
      1. Positioning the role of Python
      2. Mapping requests to Python scripts
    2. Developing MVC with Python
      1. Integrating the model with a database
      2. Processing requests with Python controllers
    3. Benefiting from the Django framework
      1. Improving productivity with code reduction
      2. Simplifying application development
      3. Accessing the database and producing HTML with Django templates
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