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The master workshop is with award winning filmmaker and director David Rountree. David is set to direct the $6.1 million dollar thriller Descention in late summer of 2017 and three other theatrically released feature films shortly thereafter and spends his extra time acting, directing SAG projects, and working with actors in his North Hollywood acting studio. David was recently listed in the Hollywood Reporter and IMDb as one of the Top 10 Hollywood directors under 40 and is known to cast members from his classes into his films and commercials. Some of the studio sessions are used to showcase parts of the actual scripts he is set to direct. The writers and producers of the upcoming feature films see the actual filmed footage from actors in his classes. The classes are kept to a small number to ensure everyone has extensive on camera acting time. This is an on camera, on set experience and is exciting, fun and incredibly beneficial. This Intense yet fun and exciting Master Acting On Film workshop with award winning feature film director David Rountree is for experienced actors who are actively auditioning for and or booking film roles and want to improve their layered performances on camera both for auditions and working on set and develop the critical skills needed to book more auditions, progress to become an expert cold reading actor and act in fully filmed On Camera scenes with other actors. This is an invitation only class. You must submit your resume, Head shots and demo real to be reviewed by David Rountree. Selected actors will take part is this fun and exciting master class that includes all fully filmed On Camera work! This is a serious, challenging, fun, positive and career building acting workshop designed to help experienced actors get to the next level with their acting career.
Week 1: Cold Read Audition Each actor will get audition sides upon arriving. You prepare for the audition on your own in the lobby for 30 minutes and then one by one are called into the casting room to audition on camera for director David Rountree. -David talks specifically about the scene after and how to break it down, choices that could have been made, possible ideas to make it more interesting, how to identify key words and other important beats etc. Afterwards, actors have a short break and then the auditions are put up on camera a 2nd time.
Week 2: Scene Each actor will be given a scene and a scene partner upon arriving. You work on it outside in the lobby on your own until 7:30, then everyone comes in and we film them on camera. This week is dedicated to one particular genre for everyone (Drama). We run 2 cameras per scene and each actor gets their own personal footage.
Week 3: Scene Each actor will be given a NEW scene and a scene partner upon arriving. Actors work on it outside in the lobby area on their own for 30 minutes, then actors are welcome back into the room and each scene is fully filmed on camera. This week is dedicated to one particular genre for everyone (Comedy). We run 2 cameras per scene and each actor gets their own personal footage.
Week 4: On Set fully filmed scene, professionally directed Each actor will be given a scene and a scene partner 3 days in advance (any genre). They can break down the scene and possibly meet with their partner before, the scenes go up right at at the beginning of class. The scenes go up once as a rehearsal (no cameras) and notes will be given. After each scene goes up initially, the scenes are put up again, but this time for the camera. Each night and every scene is discussed in detail with the actors and David Rountree. You learn how to make the strongest possible choices that captivate audiences. You will work and perfect the skills necessary to book more auditions, develop expert cold reading skills and practice fully filmed scenes on camera. If you are or want to be a full time working actor booking jobs this workshop is for you!

Classes start every 1st week of the month.
TO ENROL, GO TO THIS LINK: https://enroll.laactingstudios.com/collections/frontpage/products/master-film-acting-class-experieced-actors-only

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