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LA Acting Studios' kids classes are taught by professional actress Rosie Garcia series regular on the CW's hit TV show Jane the Virgin. We focus on building self confidence with young children in a positive, caring and nurturing environment that leads to rapid growth with acting in front of the cameras. All of our sessions are recorded and parents are invited into the last 15 minutes of every session to see their child's work on camera. This dramatically helps both the parents and children learn from watching themselves on film. Our young actors will work on commercial acting techniques, improvisation skills, cold reading, ensemble acting, relaxation and concentration skills, develop audition skills and expert listening skills and much more! Our goal is to create confident kids who excel in both TV and film. Exceptional work = Exceptional results! Enroll today in this 4 week monthly workshop and watch your child learn and grow quickly in their film career. Children who successfully complete this program will be part of our actor database and eligible to be considered for roles in our 100 episode web series and film productions. (No guarantees) All film roles are earned. We have a philosophy of lifting up our actors and helping them to achieve greatness in the film industry.

Classes start every 1st week of the month.
TO ENROL, GO TO THIS LINK: https://enroll.laactingstudios.com/collections/frontpage/products/childrens-acting-4-to-7-years-old

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