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DASA DevOps Product Owner

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Ended last May 15, 2020
USD  1,395.00


The DevOps Product Owner has a systematic responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the product and has to ensure maximum value of the product is achieved. The DevOps Product Owner has to deal with a mixed set of requirements, ranging from new product features, as well as incidents on the current version. DevOps Product Owners engage with a large group of stakeholders, both within the team as well as beyond it.

This DASA Qualification extends traditional Agile Product Owner programs and deals with the extended set of requirements that the Product Owner faces when teams start to take on both Dev and Ops responsibilities. The program covers the traditional Agile and Scrum concepts and capabilities but in the context of DevOps. As a result, this program is ideal for experienced Agile Product Owners who are keen to understand how their role is evolving as a result of DevOps, but exciting as well for new and aspiring Product Owners.


    1. Context of the Product Owner
      1. Product Owner
      2. Agile Introduction
      3. Scrum Overview
      4. Relationship Between Agile, Lean, and DevOps
    2. The Role of the Product Owner
      1. Role of the Product Owner
      2. Competencies of the Product Owner
      3. Product Owner in Practice
    3. Agile Planning and Estimation
      1. Overview of the Product Owner's Work
      2. Value of the Product
      3. Envisioning the Product
      4. Decomposing the Vision
    4. Maximizing Value
      1. Overview of the Product Owner's Work
      2. Engaging Stakeholders
      3. Influencing Stakeholders
    5. Translating Value
      1. Overview of the Product Owner's Work
      2. Backlog
      3. Estimating Work
    6. Delivering Value
      1. Overview of the Product Owner's Work
      2. Monitoring Progress
      3. Scaling Delivery
      4. Challenging Situations for a Product Owner


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
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